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That its just funny, I want to receive that delivery ASAP! and I want that tracking number, if I not gonna receive the replica breitling watches sale till the end of this week i want my money back , your company its the shitest company that i know! And start answering on EMAILS I ordered two replica watches sale of you, the pink dial replica breitling watches sale and the diamond fake breitling watches sale. You sent me is not the same as the photo. This replica watches sale has silver screws and the one in the photo has black.i ordered the most expensive as i wanted it to look real.also it has no number on the back as it did in the photo,e.g.53/1000.the white ladies royal oak offshore also came and when my girlfriend put it on the pin that holds the strap on came off.please get back to me and let us know what to do. sorry but i don't want to buy the suggested watch because i prefer a white one. I'm very busy at the moment,so may you send me any white watch (white wristband mainly such as the bulgari that i ordered) and i'll choose one of them probably? send me the links and i'll check it.


Replica Breitling Watches Sale